Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Through The Knothole In The Fence

Through the knothole in the fence I saw

The boys of summer playing ball,

On the field of green I watched them play

In scorching sun or skies of gray.

Life went on while I was there

Content I was to sit and stare,

Frozen in time the game went on

This was my world ‘til I went home.

Through the knothole in the fence I saw

A world not meant for all to see,

I knew them all, those players there

They ran, they hit, they swung, “strike three”.

Three hours a day I’d view my world

Through the knothole in the fence,

Weeks turned to months, they’d soon be gone

The leaves turned gold, the field of green was brown.

My childhood was spent behind that fence

It’s been twenty years my last game since,

I went by to see my friend, the fence

But it was gone five years hence.

Where I use to spend my afternoons

There in its place I’m sad to say,

A parking lot now sets serene

And gone forever, the field of green.

© 2009 Clifton Eastham


  1. I just read your 'Open Letter to Roger Clemens.' You're just doing what so many others have and are doing. You have heard him accused so much you think you have a right to accuse him as well. Where is the substantive evidence from which to accuse him? Where is the substantive evidence to treat him as guilty? All you did in that open letter was pile on! Bring some substantive evidence next time.

    Sinking Spring, PA

  2. Hey Jamie,

    Don't know why you posted this comment here instead of BR but that's neither here nor over there. Did you not know that they found Roger's DNA on those needles that Brian stuck him in the ass with? That, my good man, is compelling evidence as far as i am concerned. You must really be a Roger fan to stick up for him this late in the debaucle.

    Thanks for commenting. I wish you well.